Frequently Asked Questions

*For Faculty and Staff moving into the new building

Moving Flyer as of August 22, 2018

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Q: What is the name of the new building?

A: The name of the new building is "Engineering Building."

Q: When can I go into the new building?

A: Below are the dates when each floor can begin moving in. Please DO NOT go into the building before your moving date. 

Aug 6             Begin moving into 3rd floor (CHE, ME)

Aug 13           Begin moving into 4th floor (CEE, ECE)

Aug 22           Begin moving into basement (Level 00)

Aug 22           Begin moving into 1st floor (Level 01)

Aug 30           Begin moving into 2nd floor (Student Services)

Aug 31           Begin moving into 2nd floor (College)

Sept 1            Begin moving into 2nd floor (Labs)

Q: Can I go see my lab once I move in?

A: Please DO NOT visit floors that are not yet open or rooms where work is still underway. The contractors are working hard to make sure the next group can move into a great space!

Q: Will the sky bridge be available when I move?

A: The sky bridge will be available to faculty and staff for move-in. More details will be available at the time of the move.

Q: Can I use the elevators when I move?

A: The ONLY elevator in the new building that should be used for moving is in the southeast corner of the building. Please use the Clyde building elevators where possible, then cross over the sky bridge to the new building.

Q: Can I wear sandals or shorts in the new building?

A: Please wear long pants and closed-toed shoes in the new building. Minor work may still be going on around you, and we want you to be safe!

Q: When do we need to be completely moved out of our current spaces in the Clyde, Crabtree, B-34, and Fletcher Building spaces?

A: August 30th

Q: Who will move and set-up all the computing equipment for my lab?

A: You and your students are responsible for moving all your lab equipment.

Q: How do I get moving boxes?

A: Please contact your department point of contact (POC) if you need moving boxes. Your POC will then contact BYU Moving to deliver boxes to your office.

Q: What resources are there to help me move?

A: You are responsible for moving your office and labs. However, your department point of contact will have a list of equipment available to assist you in your move. There will be carts, dollies, etc.

Q: What state will my lab and office be in when it is time for us to move to the new building?

A: Major construction will be finished (Some minor construction might still be going on). All major furniture and new equipment should be installed and ready for you and your students to move in.

Q: What state does my current office need to be left in when I move out?

A: Your current office needs to be cleared out. Most office space will be occupied after we leave. Only office furniture should remain.

Q: Will there be both swipe and key access to our office?

A: The offices and suites will all have keys. Labs will use the new proximity card access. Swipe card and key code pad access will no longer be used and is being phased out across campus.

Q: What type of access will students need?

A: This will depend on what space they need to have access to. If they need access to a specific lab or after-hours access, they will need to use the access request form that we currently use. They can obtain this form from their department office. Alternatively, the faculty member in charge of the lab can email Lissa Camacho to request access for students. The email must include the students’ names, ID numbers, and expiration dates for the access. All students will need to have the new ID card that allows proximity card access.

Q: How do I get new keys? (Office and furniture keys)

A: New keys will be given to each department. Your department will coordinate how you will get your new keys. Furniture keys will already be in your furniture in your new office.

Q: What do I do with my old keys?

A: Give all of your old keys (including furniture keys) to your department secretary. The department secretary will return the keys to the key office in bulk. Please do not throw any keys away.

Q: Does each department need to arrange getting shredding bins in their new office?

A: Yes. The college will order some dumpsters, recycling, and shredding bins. However, each department can order additional bins to fit their needs.

Q: What do I do with documents that need to be shredded as I clean out my office?

A: We are ordering dumpsters, recycling, and shredding bins for the moving process.

Q: How do we schedule the seminar room and the team rooms?

A: All scheduling will be done through the new online scheduling system at:

Q: Will lab conference rooms be available to schedule through the online system?

A: Departments are encouraged (but not required) to add their lab conference rooms to the online reservation system by contacting Brent Smith in CAEDM. There are a variety of options with the online system. For example, faculty can make their conference room available only within their department, throughout the college, only on certain days, etc.

Q: Who will be over custodial in the new building?

A: Campus Facilities has not yet made the decisions on who the custodial manager and staff will be. When we have this information, we will share the contact information with the department secretaries. If individual faculty or staff have custodial issues or needs, please work through your department.

Q: Will there be signage on my new office?

A: Yes. All signs will have the room number, a text slider piece with the person’s name or room name, and space where a schedule or other printed info can be inserted.

Q: Will someone move and set-up my computer equipment in my office?

A: You are responsible for moving and setting up your office equipment. If, after you set up, your computer doesn’t work, please contact your CSR.

Q: How do we get connected to the internet?

A: There will be both dedicated data outlets and Wi-Fi available in the new building. You are responsible for plugging in all of your equipment when you move. If one data port does not work, please try the other data ports in your office before contacting computer support. If there is still an issue, please use Wi-Fi temporarily until your computer support ticket goes through. 

Q: Do I have to take over my current phone to my new office or do we get new phones? Will it work just like it does in my current office or should I expect anything different?

A: As part of the office move, you should take over your current phone and plug it into the data line just as you have in your current set-up. The phone number is associated with the phone, so when you plug in your phone, it should function just as it does in your current office. If not, first try using a different Ethernet port before requesting help.

Q: What furniture can I take with me into the new building?

A: Your personal office chair is the only item that can be moved over to the new building.

Q: Who is moving the display monitors?

A: Departments will move any displays.

Q: Will I have the same copiers in the new building and if so how and who moves them?

A: Yes. Your department will move over the copiers. Please contact your department moving point of contact for additional information.

Q: What should I do if I will not be here when it is time for my department to move?

A: Please work with your department moving point of contact. They can help you schedule BYU Moving or help coordinate with students to help you move.

Q: Do we need to move department and lab fridges and microwaves?

A: No. New fridges and microwaves will be installed in the new building.

Q: Can I hang things on the walls in my office?

A: Yes, you are allowed to hang things on the walls in your office and labs. The College has purchased Command hooks for your use. All of the walls in the new building are sheetrock and metal studs rather than the brick and block walls we are used to in the Clyde Building. The preference is to use fasteners that do not put holes in the walls when possible. If you do need to use nails or screws, please be considerate and careful. Future drywall patching and painting can be done, but will be paid for by your departments. We need to be good stewards over the new building and take good care of it for our future faculty and students. 

Q: Do we need to do anything to get mail and packages forwarded to our new offices?

A: They will forward any Clyde Building mail to the new building automatically once we're ready for them to do so. They will take it to the Dean's office in the new building, where there will be mail boxes for the departments.

Q: What if my question is not answered on this page?

A: Email your questions to We will keep updating this page as we receive more questions.

Tips for Moving

Q: Can machines or other equipment run off extension cords?

                A: Please use extension cords only for temporary immediate applications- like using a powered hand tool.

Q: Can machines and equipment be set up to run off of multi-outlet strips?

                A: Only electronic equipment can be set up to run off of multi-outlet strips.

Q: Can fire extinguishers be blocked?

                A: Please keep path to fire extinguisher open so it is easily accessible in an emergency.

Q: Can machines, equipment, cabinets, or anything else be in front of electrical panels?

                A: Please do not block the electrical panels.

Q: Can items be placed in front of or underneath emergency eyewash, drench hoses, or showers?

                A: Please keep these areas open for use in case of an emergency.

Q: What are the guidelines for areas around exit doors?

                A: Exit doors should remain clear and free from trip hazards and impediments.

Q: How much clearance must be maintained below sprinkler heads?

                A: There must be at least 18-inches of clearance.


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