Building Global Leaders

mechanical engineer with computer model

At BYU we are preparing our students to become leaders in their professions and communities throughout the world. Because of our unique focus on global leadership, our graduates have learned how to work in teams, how to collaborate across disciplines and cultures, and how to lead. The overall design of the new engineering building will further enhance the college’s growing culture of leadership.

The building’s open layout encourages interaction, communication and team work. It will also allow BYU to showcase the work of its students and faculty and to cultivate new relationships. For the first time, the college will have its own events center, fostering
collaboration with the rest of campus, other universities and our partners in industry. Also, the college’s Weidman Center for Global Leadership will be centrally located on the main Engineering Commons, providing visibility and accessibility to all.

This building will bring thousands of students, faculty, alumni, corporate recruiters and industry representatives together as we work collectively to build the next generation of engineering leaders.