Building Opportunity

There is a worldwide demand for engineering leaders.  At BYU we are working to ensure that our exceptional graduates are ready to meet that need.  The new building will provide thousands of aspiring engineers with the opportunity to learn, experiment and solve problems, thereby preparing them to meaningfully contribute to your organization.  This facility is an opportunity to invest in tomorrow's workforce. 

The best ways to teach and practice engineering have changed since our current facilities were built.  Although traditional classroom lectures remain, best practice in engineering education emphasizes active learning, team-based projects and collaboration with others around the world.  Consequently, we not only need more space but also new types of space.  The new building will include flexible classrooms that facilitate different learning activities, team rooms, and spaces that support global communication.  Additional research laboratories will make it possible to provide more students with mentored-research experiences.  As students engage in a wide range of learning experiences, they become better prepared to face real-world challenges.