Industry Alliance

Why Join the BYU Industry Alliance Now?

Enjoy Distinct Advantages as a Founding Member

The opportunity to be a founding member is only open to those companies that partner with the college prior to the formal opening of the new engineering building. Names and logos of founding Alliance members will be permanently placed on a special corporate recognition display on the main floor of the new building. This unique recognition will remain in place for the life of the building.

Receive Enhanced Recruiting Access

Recruiting quality talent is critical to a corporation’s success. Twice per year, BYU hosts one of the largest technical career fairs in the Intermountain West, giving companies access to nearly 3,000 well-prepared students representing over 20 STEM-related majors. Being an Industry Alliance member is a unique chance to gain enhanced access and build relationships with these innovative future employees.

As an Alliance member, your organization will have an enhanced profile within the college and will be eligible for more quality interactions with potential recruits. This includes preference in hosting events with targeted student groups, speaking on panels, priority participation in career preparation events and other similar opportunities.

Join the Advancement Council for Engineering & Technology (ACET)

ACET is the college’s active advisory board focused on strategic initiatives and mentoring of students. Alliance members will be invited to be corporate affiliates to ACET, participating in mentoring students and working with the college in the areas of globalization, leadership, innovation and diversity. Organizations at a bronze level have the option of joining ACET. Normal annual dues would apply. Organizations at a silver level or higher have the option of joining ACET as a pre-paid, five-year corporate member. Normal dues would apply after the initial five years.

Be Recognized

As an active member of the BYU Industry Alliance and in recognition of your engagement and donations toward the college your organization may select a specific space with which your name and logo will be associated. This will remain in place for a long as your Alliance participation remains active. The level in which a space is designated is determined by the location, amount of traffic and size of the space or room. Higher level spaces will receive much more student traffic and are more centrally located within the building than are lower level spaces (see Alliance Recognition insert for a listing of available spaces).